Saturday, October 4, 2008

Over a Week!

Ellie loves her swing - really.

Wow! I can't believe Eliana is a week and 3 days old already. The time has flown by. She is doing just great. She eats well and continues to only get up once during a 7 or 8 hour night. It feels wonderful to get some good sleep. She lost her umbilical cord yesterday, so soon we'll start regular baths. We'll see how she likes that! After the first sponge bath that Joe and I stumbled through, she has come to like them, so we'll see. Ellie's first doctor's appointment is Monday, and I'm anxious to see what kind of weight she has gained back. She had dropped from 9 lbs 4 oz at birth to 8 lbs. 7 oz at discharge.

I am feeling better daily. With the joy of Ellie, it's hard to remember that I did have surgery. I'm forcing myself to not do housework, and just relax as much as possible. My legs and feet are slowing getting smaller. Since I've come home, I have lost 16 pounds of water! That's great because when I arrived home from the hospital, I had actually GAINED weight by giving birth! How depressing is that?

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