Monday, October 20, 2008

1 Month Ped. Appointment

Smiling at Daddy's Funny Sounds

Eliana will be one month old on Wednesday (Can you believe it?), and we went to see the doctor today. She is growing - quickly! She is up to 12 pounds and 22.25 inches. That puts her at the 97% for height and a "tad bit" overweight. The doctor says her weight will even out as she grows but that she is going to be tall! He says she looks beautiful. I tend to agree with him. :-)

We went to the mall for the first time today. I needed to buy some new jeans (sigh). The adventure started out peaceful enough, but by the end, all of Kohls knew we were there! :-) Wouldn't you know it, we met two friends that I haven't seen in quite some time (Hi Dawna and Carrie!), but Ellie was in full voice, so there was NO chatting going on. The sales lady still wanted me to sign my e-mail up with them, though. Um, thanks. Some other time when I can hear myself think. :-)

Well, I'm just about to do some online tutoring with Ellie sleeping on my lap. Let's hope she stays that way. Otherwise, it's Daddy Duty time!


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Anonymous said...

Amazing how much they grow. I just took Micah to his 9 month checkup. Your pics of the baby are great. Micah is thrid child and so I tend to forget about the camera :-) I am happy for both of you and I enjoy watching you both with the baby at curch. She will know she is loved there is no doubt about that!! love,Amanda