Monday, October 6, 2008

First Pediatrician Appointment

We visited our pediatrician today for the first time, and Eliana is doing great! Really the biggest news is her weight. She was born 9lbs 4ozs. When she left the hospital, she was 8lbs 7ozs. Now at 12 days old, she weighs in at a hefty 9lbs 10 ozs. To paraphrase the doctor, Wow! She's eating a lot! They want the babies to be back at birth weight by 2 weeks of age. We left that in the dust a while ago. As a mother, it's nice to know that I'm providing sufficiently for my baby.

It was really nice to get out the house today for the first time. Mom drove for me and we did quite a bit of running around that I needed to do. We were out for about 5 hours. On the down side, my feet are significantly bigger than they have been since I was on them so much. I have lost 18 pounds of water, though, in the 9 days I've been home! Ahhh, the saga of the feet!

We had a wonderful visit on Saturday with Joe's family. His mom was sick, but his sister's family and his grandparents were able to come and celebrate his birthday and see the Ellie. His nieces, Madison, Alaina, and Sydney, did a fantastic job taking care of Ellie for the afternoon! I got to kick back and relax. :-)

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Jan said...

Ah, sweet success!! Sounds like you and Ellie have things down to an art. God is Good, All the Time.