Monday, December 1, 2008


Don't worry - Ellie was not in pain when this picture was taken -
just sick of the flashing camera.
Documenting today in photo was the last thing on my mind.

And you thought you hated Mondays.

Ellie started her week with three shots at 9 a.m. Wow, that was rough. A split second before the first shot, Ellie flashed me the biggest smile. It was enough to tear my heart out. Mercifully, the actual shots took less than 30 seconds. The nurse who administered them was great. She gave them and then practically ran out of the room to leave me with Ellie. That's kind for weeping mothers who don't want to make fools of themselves. I was so proud of Ellie, though. She stopped crying in less than two minutes. She is sleeping on my chest now. I'm not sure who is comforting who . :-)

In lighter pediatrician news, Ellie is now 24 inches long and 15 pounds 9 ounces! The first thing Dr. Bhairappa said when he came in was, "Now, how tall is her daddy?" I replied, "About 6 foot." Dr. B: "She is going to surpass you both!" That doesn't surprise me at all since she is wearing her 6 month outfits at 10 weeks old. Dr. B told me to not give Ellie anything solid to eat until he gives me the go-ahead. "She doesn't need it!" he said.

I have to apologize to you all. We had a great time at the Welfley's tree-trimming, but I forgot my camera. If we get back there before Christmas, I'll try to remember it to get you some pics.

Stay warm on this rainy/snowy/grey Monday

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