Thursday, December 4, 2008


...oh why am I posting this not-so-great photo of my beautiful little girl?

What? You mean you can't grasp the significance of this event?!?!?!

Why, it's Ellie's first nap in her crib, of course! Until today she has been using her bassinet.

Since I'm not much of a Scrapbooker, this blog is becoming the depository of all great events of note. Sorry you have to come along. :-)

How is it possible that Ellie could feel so far away in our little postage stamp of a house? How could her 30 minute nap (that should have been two hours) feel like an eternity? Only to a mother, I'm sure.

I must say, I'm grateful for the invention of the baby monitor. I could hear every change of breath, every shift of weight, every gurgle, every toot.

Only a mother...

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