Wednesday, September 3, 2008

No Progression

Well, after a contraction-filled day, now I'm back to normal. Oh well! I go to see the doctor tomorrow, so we'll find out if there have been any changes going on in there.

Joe and I got our bags packed for the hospital. They are sitting in the living room, ready to go. That's a strange feeling!

I'm heading out this morning for my first Home Instruction of the school year. I hadn't planned on doing any this year with the baby coming so soon, but this is actually a family who goes to our church, and the student will be out of school until January. They don't have a problem with me bringing the baby to the house, and neither do I since I know them so well. So I let the school know that I would cover it, with the exception of the weeks immediately after the birth. They were happy because they didn't have anyone yet who is willing to do Home Instruction. I did all of it last year for them. It will actually be great to have something to focus my attention on these last two weeks other than the baby. I love thinking about her, but the waiting is mentally exhausting!

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