Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Birthday? Updates

6:52 p.m. The doctor stopped by. The plan is to remove the Cervidil at 10 p.m. and begin the Pitocin at midnight. That means we'll labor throughout the night to hopefully see our little girl sometime in the morning. I am having more consistent and stronger contractions, so hopefully when they check me at midnight some progress will have been made! :-)

12:45 p.m. Well, I've finally been released from my flat-on-the-back prison that Cervidil requires. What a feeling! That is a LONG two hours.

We may have a baby today, but there is a large likelihood that tomorrow will be her birthday. They can't start the pitocin until my cervix has thinned, and it's just being very stubborn. This dose of Cervidil will last until 10:00 tonight. That's when the doctor is hoping to start the Pitocin. Then we have to make it though the dilation process, which has also not begun yet!

One good note, I am starting to have mild contractions! Whoo-hoo! Hopefully, that will help the process along. They did allow me to eat lunch since it will be so long before I deliver. Joe went down to the cafeteria and brought his lunch back up to the room and we ate together. So for now, it's an afternoon of waiting, surfing the Internet, and watching TV (I forgot how much I liked TLC/HGTV/Food Network.).

Thanks to everyone who has commented and sent e-mails. Your messages are helping the time go by!

9:10 a.m. We are at the hospital. We arrived at about 9:00 p.m. last night and received the Cervidil. Joe was able to sleep pretty well from about midnight to 7:30 a.m. I was not. :-) There are just too many monitors and things to think about. I listened to about 5 podcasts throughout the night while trying to doze. The doctor was just in to check me and there has been very little progress. He was hoping to be able to start Pitocin and contractions when he was here, but I'm not ready yet. I'll be getting another dose of Cervidil in about an hour. Last night the doc was expecting a late afternoon delivery, but who knows? We are behind schedule, so we'll see.

I have no idea how long I'll feel like posting updates. Don't be surprised when I stop. That's just your signal to really START PRAYING!


Lisa said...

Hey you two, I mean three! Come on out and meet the world Eliana! I am praying for you, sweet baby! Your mama will have to tell you since you are still snug and warm in her tummy. Joe and Heather, I am praying, praying today. Just read the blog and got a call from Mom, so I am up-to-date on the happenings. Hope you can get some rest today. We are all on pins and needles here!
We are on for Saturday, the 4th. Sydney has a soccer game until 12:30. We will leave right away to come to you, so we will get there around 2. Go ahead and start your plans without us. We will come as fast as we can. Steve will not be able to join us. He is very sad, but his deacon squad is responsible for set-up and tear-down for an event at church. He would only be able to stay for a 1/2 hour if he came. I told him I would take lots of pictures! He feels bad missing the party and welcoming Eliana.
Speaking of which, what do you want for your birthday new daddy?

Lisa said...

Praying for you as I go to bed tonight. Will check for wonderful news first thing in the morning! Come on Baby Ellie, we're waiting for you!