Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Momentous Day

Sorry, no baby. But,wow! Look at that pregnancy counter: "100 % of Pregnancy Completed"; "0 Weeks and 0 Days Left." Then why am I still here?!?!?!? I wonder what the counter will say tomorrow. :-) Will it not compute and make the Internet crash like we were afraid would happen in 2000?

Well, I have to tell you my good news from yesterday. I got a new job at TRECA Digital Academy, the online school I have been subbing for. I will be the district's AYP Reading Coach. Basically, I will be working with teachers to provide them resources that will help the district meet the State's Adequate Yearly Progress requirement. I will be working from home two days a week the last part of October and then 4 days a week for the rest of the school year. I am so excited about this new direction for my career! God has been so good to me and Joe during the past year. It would take me too long to really describe here all that He has done for us, but, please, give me a call and let's talk in person! I want to tell you all the details! :-) He's so good!

Now, let's have a baby!


mattyd said...

Awesome, You and Joe are such an inspiration to me. I love you both dearley. God Bless you and the very special gift to come. Your brother in Christ Mattyd

Lisa said...

No fair! We thot you had baby news. Great to hear of your new position Heather. That's wonderful! PTL! The girls have had a countdown for the baby. They went to sleep last night praying for you and woke up this morning chatting about you. We are all very excited about Baby Elianna (spelled right?)! Take care and let us know when she's here. Love you 3