Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

2.5 minutes of squealing!

Happy New Year, everyone! Our's is getting off to a bit of a bumpy start. Ellie came down with a cold yesterday. This one is accompanied by her first fever. It was about 100.4 yesterday. After a rough night and a couple doses of Tylenol, it was down to 99.8 this morning - not too bad in Babyland, I'm told. I felt bad yesterday because Lisa and the girls came down for a visit, and Ellie was pretty whiny all day. By the time they left she started to feel warm to me and had a drippy nose. By 6 p.m., full blown cold. Hopefully, the next visit will be more fun.

Although Ellie greeted me with a smile this morning, she's definately not her normal chipper self. I promised her a day of comfy clothes and cuddles. Right now she's sitting in my lap knawing on my wrist.

I had to share the above video with you. It was taken about an hour after Ellie's first dose of Tylenol and she was feeling a bit better.


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Lisa said...

Aww, so sorry she got sick! Thank you for posting the video. The girls and I enjoyed watching it together. She is too cute! Hope tonight goes better and Ellie can sleep.