Monday, January 26, 2009

AWii Laugh

The Weavers spent yesterday afternoon at the home of our good friends, Michael and Kerry. We had a wonderful time of food, fellowship, and fun - the perfect combo!

I finally was able to try out the Wii Fit. The last time we were there and had it out, I was seriously pregnant and "exercised" wisdom and refrained. Nothing could keep me from it this time, however.

Picture this: I'm on the platform demonstrating my Hula-Hoop skills, trying to remain dignified, when, amid the guffaws behind me, one little unexpected voice rises to join the laughter. That's right! Eliana was laughing at her mother at four months old! I thought she'd be at least a year old before that started up! It was so cute. I'm sure she had no idea what she was laughing about, but she was really joining in the fun.
Thanks to Uncle Michael and Aunt Kerry for a wonderful time!

(Sorry, folks. No photos to go along with this story. That would be serious blackmail material.)

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