Friday, August 22, 2008

And Now We...


We installed the car seat yesterday, so if our little one should decide to show up a bit early, we could bring her home. I must say, that big van of ours finally looks right with someone going to ride in the back! We went to the hospital yesterday and had one of the labor nurses who is a car seat technician help us since we had never installed one before. During our birthing classes, she told us that in Tuscarawas County 80% of car seats are installed incorrectly which means that they won't do what they are supposed to do! That's a scary statistic. Anyway, the hospital (and State Highway Patrol, for that matter) will check car seats f0r free. It's certainly worth it to me! :-)

We had our 36 week check-up yesterday. My doctor said, "This is a smart baby. She's head down." I replied, "Was there ever any doubt?" So we are on track at the moment for a "normal" birth, if there is any such thing. I'm getting pretty excited for the big day. I keep thinking What if I went into labor right now? Usually, its pretty inconvenient. :-) "Get used to it," I hear you all saying.

Until next time.

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