Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm One! I'm One!

Can you believe it? It's here already!

Can you believe it? We made it!!!!

I looked back to find the post from this day last year, and can you believe it? There's no post from September 24! I guess I was busy or something. :-)

While I gave Ellie her birthday present about three weeks ago and her real birthday party is going to be this weekend, we did manage to celebrate today. We went to ELLIE's favorite restaurant - the Chinese buffet. She actually really does like it. There's plenty of food on the buffet that she likes, and she's a hit with the waitresses. They keep her so occupied most of the time that I get a nice, relaxing meal. Today, one of them asked how old Ellie is, and I told her that today was her birthday. She brought out a cute little birthday cake with ONE candle and played the birthday song over the P.A. system. There were lots of oohs and aahs throughout the restaurant! It was a great time. I'm glad I keep the little camera in my diaper bag.

Here's Ellie headed off to bed her first night as a one-year-old. Being one is hard work, you know!

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Lisa said...

Can't wait to see and play with our favorite one year old! Of course we're excited to see her parents too! :D