Monday, January 4, 2010

Potty Time

You have been warned. There will be talk of potty training within this post.

Okay, it all started about two months ago when Eliana started to relax during her baths by going poo. It didn't take me too long to recognize "that look" and quickly grab her from the tub and put her on the potty. After about a week of this, I thought...Hmmm. I wonder if she will go on the potty at some time other than during her bath. I gave it a try, and wonder of wonders, it worked! Enough of those dirty diapers if she'll take care of it in the bathroom. Eliana pretty much has #2 down pat. We've only had 2 dirty diapers in about a month (both of which I chalk up to an upset tummy for reasons that I won't detail here). We're still having lots of wet diapers, but she seems pretty young to push the whole bathroom routine more frequently than we already are. I'm just so grateful for the progress she's made thus far.
We have a great song I made up for the occasion that seems to produce wonderful results. I'll have to record it and post it for your enjoyment. Watch for it coming soon!

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