Monday, July 6, 2009

Mobility and Maxillary Lateral Incisors

Eliana at her 1st parade. She loved the horses!
Gnadenhutten, Ohio

Wow! Where did the first month of summer go? We're past July 4, and I feel like summer is starting to wrap up already (more on that later). I did such a great job at keeping new posts coming weekly, and then with summer my schedule totally disintegrated. What happened? Oh wait, I remember. Eliana started CRAWLING and PULLING UP on things. So much for working at the computer while Ellie stares at the ceiling fan. She is on-the-go big time! I'm snatching a few moments during her nap to ....can you believe it? Just as I typed that, she woke up!
Okay, it's one hour later, and Eliana is now sleeping on my lap. While her sleeping skills have gone up and down over the last nine months, this past week has been excruciating. I'm owing it to teeth numbers five and six. I saw them today for the first time, but based on their size and Elle's behavior, I'd guess that they broke through about four days ago.
Month nine has brought amazing developments to our little girl. She has perfected crawling, pulling up to standing, waving, and making kisses. She will not, however, always perform them on command. She's also learning her voice. She says, "Ma-ma," and, "Da-da," and has learned how to yell. :-) Here are a few quick videos:

Joe and I have joined a local gym and are loving it! I tell Ellie that I'm dropping off my fat and Daddy's picking up his muscles. They have childcare available and Ellie has come to love playing with the other kids. It's so good for her. When I went to get her today, there was another little girl her age and they were sitting on the floor with each other, toys all over the place, and they were touching each other's faces...too cute! I wish I had a camera. I've been taking Zumba and spinning classes. They are tough, especially the spinning, but I've lost about 9 pounds in the 5 weeks that we've been there. It feels great! Joe is looking pretty buff too, I must add.

I'm looking toward next school year already. I was offered either full or part-time, but I've decided to work 4 days a week for one more year. I just feel like I have waited so long for Ellie, that I want to spend as much time with her as possible. I will begin two weeks before classes start with a couple days each week to get prepared for the teachers to "arrive." I've come to the realization that I will need some help with Ellie in order to give the quality of work that I want to. It was much easier last year when she just laid around all day. :-) No more of that! So my job for the next month is to find some child-care providers who will come to our house to help me out. Please pray that God would lead me to the right person/people. It's not what I originally envisioned in my naivete, but it's so much better than going in to the school to work!

Well, I think that about catches you up with everything. I'll try to not let another month go by before I add another post...

Oh, I almost forgot, I've entered Ellie into a cute baby contest (I think she qualifies) at the request of her papa. So feel free to come by the contest and vote! To vote, click the dot along to top to show how cute you think Ellie is! Voting is open through July.,0,5306465,permalink.ugcphotogallery?u=weaverh


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